What is this blog?

A Chance For is a photojournalism blog that will chronicle public education and social issues in Chicago through photography and writing. Previously, I ran a lifestyle photography blog called Where Fun Goes. 

What kind of content can I expect?

You can expect photographic posts with first-hand perspectives from CPS teachers, students, non-profit leaders and others. I am hoping to get to know individuals with first-hand experiences and chronicle the things they’ve seen, heard or experienced. For reference, A Chance For’s content might be most comparable to “Humans of New York.”

What is your background?

I grew up all over with long stretches of time spent in CT and CA. I went to school in the city of Chicago, majored in Economics and took A LOT of courses revolving around education and policy. Creative at heart, I began my career as a brand strategist. Outside of things related to school or work, I drink a lot of coffee, take a lot of pictures, run many a mile and read many a book.

How can I get involved?

I’m working on that! As I continue to develop this blog, I hope to provide actionable volunteering opportunities and partnerships that connect people with the issues they care about.

I have a question that you didn’t answer. How can I contact you?

I’m innately curious too! Feel free to contact me at wherefungoes@gmail.com